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  1. See The Flame

From the recording See The Flame


See The Flame Lyrics by Howard Shapiro  © 2008 Kumanu Music In the darkest hour of night Alone in the falling rain Don't despair don't give up hope The flame it still remains A torch in the sky Though the light it seems to fade But don't give up we hear your cry Your spirit still remains See the Flame In countries far and wide There are those who truly care You're not alone no need to hide There are those who hear The yearning of your soul Across the wind swept plain This cry for Love that we all know The cry of those in pain See the Flame Human dignity is what we ask for all The right to live upon this earth To be proud and stand tall Every person's of noble birth There's freedom for us all To break the chains of those oppressed For this we cannot wait See The Flame Today we rise as one Give hope to those in fear Reach out to you with all our hearts You know that someone cares In a world that seems so cold There are those who will lead the way That share the dream across this land A dream for all today See the Flame See the Flame It's burning, burning brighter See the Flame Freedom, freedom rights for all