What The World Has To Say About   'See The Flame' CD The See the Flame CD was a 'big hit' at our regional conference in Memphis. We sold copies at the conference and I recently gave away several copies at a panel discussion that we held in Memphis on Friday. I plan to send copies to our other regional offices.” Adiyah Ali Field Organizer Southern Region Amnesty International USA “Thank you for your amazing CD!” Sergio Laurenti. Executive Director Amnesty International, Chile “Great job! This music is very inspiring to us as people who are working on human rights issues. We enjoy listening to it again and again.” Ayelet Levy, Campaigner Amnesty International, Taiwan Thank you Howard. This is wonderful!"Walesa Kanarek, Amnesty International USA West Field Organizer Northern CA, HI, ID, OR, WA, AS, GU I was happy to have the opportunity to listen to the song See the Flame. I really love it. I will be playing it at an upcoming event that I am holding,” Tracie Morrow, Public Affairs Director Youth for Human Rights International “Thank you so much for your wonderful music. You are such graceful and strong communicators of aloha. I will be happy to share your CD with my brother when he visits Hawai`i.” Maya Soetoro-Ng, President Barack Obama’s sister " See the Flame has a lovely Adult Contemporary sound. The song is clearly meant to be heard worldwide as its lyrics are meaningful and significant on a global scale. Review by ‘Taxi’ one of the leading A & R companies I love your music! The words to the songs are so versatile, just beautiful. I would love to go hear you in person ... keep giving people hope, love and peace through your music. Wow! Blessings, Antoinette Additional Information about See the Flame http://www.earthpatriotproductions.com/publicfiles/Press_Release_See_the_Flame_112508.doc http://www.earthpatriotproductions.com/publicfiles/Declaration_of_Human_Rights_Booklet.pdf http://www.earthpatriotproductions.com/publicfiles/ARTISTS_IN_ACTION_FOR_HUMAN_RIGHTS_OVERVIEW_091508.doc Lyrics http://www.earthpatriotproductions.com/publicfiles/See_The_Flame_Lyrics_Update_091508.doc http://www.earthpatriotproductions.com/publicfiles/PAIN.doc http://www.earthpatriotproductions.com/publicfiles/MALAMA_I_KA__AINA.doc http://www.earthpatriotproductions.com/publicfiles/Your_Heart_Will_Lead_You_Home.doc http://www.earthpatriotproductions.com/publicfiles/INNOCENCE.doc http://www.earthpatriotproductions.com/publicfiles/EARTH_PATRIOT.doc
__________________________________________________________ Reviews For Random Notes - A Songwriter's Journey “Thank you very much for sending me a copy of your new CD.  The message in your music is so important today, and your dedication to peace will be an inspiration to others.   Best wishes for wide distribution of your work.”   Harry Kim, Mayor County of Hawai`i “Great scope, warmth and variety. Good thoughts, sounds and feelings. I listen to it over and over.”   Nona Beamer,  Beamer Hawaiiana Foundation, Lahaina, Maui “Congratulations on the release of "Random Notes." The music, arrangements, and packaging are all first-rate, and more importantly, the message is a positive one seldom heard in music nowadays.”  John Burnett, Music Critic, Island of Hawai`i “Howard Shapiro is a veteran composer who often writes in support of political causes or sane environmental policies. He emphasizes that side of his work here, bringing the traditions of early '60s protest singers into the new century. Shapiro steps forward as a traditional American patriot with "Only Thing Worth Livin' For," and mourns the nation's apparent loss of innocence with "Sand Through Our Hands"    John Berger, Music Critic, Honolulu Star Bulletin “Very beautiful. Strong messages with a sweet delivery. You carry the vibe for a new era of peace.”   Liz O’Garvey, Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute “E aloha Howard! What a sweet surprise to find your Random Notes in the mail.  I especially like "Gentle Warrior." I think it is my favorite album yet.” Leilehua Yuen, Yuen Media Services, Hilo, Hawai`i “Thank you so very much for the beautiful CD I love it. You are such a great composer and musician. And what a wonderful way to use all your talent in the service of mankind.”  Lani Star, Heavenly Music, Makawao, Maui “You amaze me with your creativity, and I can honestly say the music on Random Notes touches me deeply. I hope the success you deserve comes your way with this release.”    Wendy Duke, Glasgow, Virginia “Love the Random Notes CD. You truly do have a gift and it is being fostered and nurtured through the opportunities that present themselves in every aspect of your journey.”   Robz Yamane, Internet Coordinator, Cox Radio Hawai`i “There's a lot in your music that I feel touched by and connected to - and so I'm eager to share Random Notes with listeners.  Mahalo nui loa for sharing this with us.”    Anch Bergeson, KAOS 89.3 FM, Olympia, Washington “Your CD has been added to the new music shelf.” Marcus Kellis, Music Director KUOI-FM 89.3  Moscow, Idaho Thanks for sending us your CD.  It will start being aired this week.” Jennifer Isaacs,  Music Director, WGDR 91.1 FM, Plainfield, Vermont    More Information About Random Notes  http://www.earthpatriotproductions.com/publicfiles/Random_Notes_Press_Release_052807.doc  http://www.earthpatriotproductions.com/publicfiles/Random_Notes_-John_Berger.doc  http://www.earthpatriotproductions.com/publicfiles/RN_Poster050607.pdf   Lyrics http://www.earthpatriotproductions.com/publicfiles/RANDOM_NOTES.doc  http://www.earthpatriotproductions.com/publicfiles/GENTLE_WARRIOR.doc http://www.earthpatriotproductions.com/publicfiles/SILENT_IN_THE_NIGHT.doc http://www.earthpatriotproductions.com/publicfiles/MAKAHA.doc http://www.earthpatriotproductions.com/publicfiles/FAMILY_OF_ABRAHAM.doc http://www.earthpatriotproductions.com/publicfiles/FAMILY_OF_ABRAHAM.doc http://www.earthpatriotproductions.com/publicfiles/ELUSIVE_DREAM.doc http://www.earthpatriotproductions.com/publicfiles/ASHES_UPON_THE_GROUND.doc http://www.earthpatriotproductions.com/publicfiles/ONLY_THING_WORTH_LIVIN.doc http://www.earthpatriotproductions.com/publicfiles/HEART_UNDER_SIEGE.doc http://www.earthpatriotproductions.com/publicfiles/SAND_THROUGH_OUR_HANDS.doc
____________________________________________________________________ Review for Earth Patriot Earth Patriot" by Kumanu is an eclectic mix of pop, ballad, reggae, chant and soft rock songs with engaging music, strong lead vocals, smooth harmonies and moving lyrics.  The album is an urgent call for humanity to return to a love based existence, respecting the Earth and her abundance, mixing native words with entertaining songs that appeal to a wide listener base.  It encourages introspection, gratitude, conscious change, celebration and love for each other and the environment by moving toward a physically and spiritually sustainable living standard.  Production quality is exceptional with a variety of talented lead singers, well mixed instrumentation and supportive, sometimes soulful background vocals.  Some of the songs point out challenges faced by humanity while others rejoice in what we have now and can create by focused intent, working together for the good of all.  Title track "Earth Patriot" finds similarity within the human family, supporting a world view to correct planetary issues that threaten human survival.  "She Will Survive" points out that Earth's survival is assured and the question of humanity's future is answered by our choices.  "Forever Hawai`i", beginning with a native introduction, is a love song to the land, declaring eternal freedom.  The listener is left with a solid call for individual and collective action and feeling empowered to intentionally create a better world. Rosemary Ashley - Positive Music Association  ”