Earth Patriot Graphic Art Competition

Earth Patriot Graphic Art Competition

Volcano, Hawai`i – October 1, 2013 - Earth Patriot Productions LLC is sponsoring the Earth Patriot Graphic Art Competition. The competition is open to aspiring young artists from Hawai`i between the ages of 13-22. The goals of the competition are to increase knowledge and understanding about the concepts of sustainability and biodiversity and to promote environmental awareness and action by youth in Hawai`i. The winner of the competition will receive a $100 cash prize and products from the Earth Patriot Productions.

Earth Patriot Productions is committed to creating art and multi-media projects that promote empowerment and positive change. Their creative team consists of social entrepreneurs and artists from the island of Hawai`i. Through their artistic creations and intellectual properties they strive to increase community awareness and to motivate individuals to collective action to achieve positive solutions to social and environmental issues. They actively promote collaborative efforts with local, national and international, writers, performers, fine artists, filmmakers, producers and educators. They strive to create products that Entertain, Educate, and Empower.

Their company works in partnership with Performing and Fine Artists for World Peace, a non-profit art and education organization and the recipient of the United Nations Peace Messenger Award. They are currently working with other non-profit organizations, businesses, schools and government agencies promoting the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity.

Other educational projects that they are working on include the interactive storybook Earth Patriot: Origins - Nana i ke Kumu (Look to the Source). The storybook, appropriate for intermediate and high school level students, will be distributed to schools in Hawai`i in 2014. Copies of the Earth Patriot CD, recorded by the Hawai`i Island group Kumanu, will be given to teachers to accompany the storybook.

For more information about the competition, contact them at; 808.985.8725 or






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