Earth Patriot CD Release

"Earth Patriot CD Addressing Social & Environmental Issues"

Hilo, Hawai`i - Kumanu, an innovative music group from the island of Hawai'i, has released a new CD entitled “Earth Patriot”. Kumanu’s global fusion music is the driving focus of this recording and their message comes through loud and clear. It is vibrant music with a positive take on a world facing global environmental and social problems. It is also a call to action at a time when these issues seem insurmountable.

"In 1990 with the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Earth Day there was a reawakening of environmental awareness across the United States and around the world," stated Howard Shapiro executive producer of Earth Patriot. “I thought an album addressing environmental and social issues would be of importance at the time."

Shapiro continues, "Although I've waited a long time to see Earth Patriot completed, I feel the same reawakening today.  Many of us have come to realize that we must face global challenges through a cooperative effort of our political leaders and, more importantly, as individuals, collectively around the world."

The eclectic and innovative new sound of Kumanu is created from the vast reaches of the Pacific and bridges boundaries of race and nationality. Kumanu consists of an ensemble of musicians, vocalists and dancers blending several musical genres to create a new "global fusion music" that reflects their diverse multi-cultural background. Guest artists include Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Kenny Loggins, Emmy Award winning singer/songwriter Faith Rivera, Pamela Polland and Mikuak Rai.

Many of the vocalists and musicians from Kumanu were members of the group Hawai`i Island Performing Artists which performed on the “We Are `Ohana - Songs of Hope” CD.  We Are 'Ohana was highly acclaimed and local music critic John Burnett stated, "It is the best written, conceived and produced pop CD recorded to date on the Big Island."

Recycle Hawai`i and Performing and Fine Artists for World Peace are co-sponsors of the Earth Patriot CD. All proceeds support the programs of these 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

For more information about ordering the Earth Patriot CD, please phone 808.985.8725 or e-mail





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